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Dr. Robert J. Zappia

President of the Board, Robert J. Zappia. Here are three testimonies of past patients of this egomaniac that were motivated enough to share with the world their experiences.

The testimonies, (screenshot of originals ) reprinted below in their entirety, were originally found here.

I hope this guy is no longer practicing.

1 of 4 stars — by Jane on Jul 15th, 2013

I was looking for the name of an opth md, and ran across "DR" Zappia's name. All I can say is, that I hope the old boy is retired by now. I would not allow him to treat my worst enemy! I too had an encounter with him many years ago, and found him to be a real pig. Insensitive remarks, curse words, and the sympathy of a rock. So bad that I wrote a letter to the patient rep at Beaver Med to complain, of course that got me nowhere. I am well connected to the medical community in town and not only do his patients despise him, but other physicians, and office staff do too!

Dont trust with your eye sight

1 of 4 stars — by Jane Doe on May 9th, 2013

You are a shame to doctors. You made me go blind due to your inexperience and nasty and hateful demeanor. What is really sad is that you could not fess up to making me go blind. You denied you did anything wrong. That is fine and I learned to live with it. I hope you remember me for the rest of your life as I will remember you. "everyone wants to be the doctor except the doctor" One thing I will never forget you told me.

[No Title]

1 of 4 stars — by Anonymous on May 18th, 2010

I talked to you briefly (in your office) fiftten years ago. Time will not erase the rude, nasty, hateful things that you said to me. You are, by far, the worst human being that I have ever met.

Congratulations to the President of the Board of Directors!

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