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Starting and Stopping Service

Owner Starting Service

If you have purchased or are in the process of purchasing property in our service area, please notify your escrow company that there is water stock. As a mutual water company, we require the water stock be transferred into your name. This generally happens during the escrow process.

Because of our status as a mutual water company, water accounts are the financial responsibility of the legal property owner. We do not make financial arrangements with tenants. If a property owner wants a tenant to pay the water account, it is the property owner’s responsibility to forward the water bill to the tenant. Water bills are considered liens against the water stock and failure to keep water accounts current could result in the loss of water stock and the property’s right to water service. Landlords may also suggest their tenants enroll in our Auto-Pay program.

Tenant Starting Service

Western Heights Water Company does not put water accounts in the tenants’ name(s). Because we are a mutual water company and not a public utility, the water account is considered to be the financial responsibility of the property owner of record.

Tenants may call our office at (909) 790-1901 to inquire about  the amount of their bill and the delinquent date.

Tenants may also sign up for our Auto-Pay program.

Stopping Service

If you are selling your property in our service area, please notify your escrow company that there is water stock. Your water stock will need to be transferred to the new buyer during the escrow process. Escrow will request a closing water bill, which when paid, will remove the account from your name and place it in the name of the new owner.

If you are moving out of your property, but it has not sold and the property is vacant, you can call the office at (909) 790-1901 to request a final water bill. We will read the meter and send you a final water bill; however, the water account and water stock will remain in your name until it has been  transferred to a new owner.

If your property becomes bank-owned and is still occupied by someone, we cannot disconnect the service until the account becomes delinquent and subject to shut-off. However, the water account and water stock will remain in your name until it is transferred over to a new owner.

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